Games for learning Chinese

Fun, progressive card games and activity packs designed to develop learners understanding of the Chinese language system and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. EXPLORE

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Mandarin products teach Mandarin Chinese. This is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect in China and is also the most spoken language in the world.

If you can speak English and Mandarin you can communicate with more than half the people on the planet!

Play Chinese 玩中文 is a set of progressive card games and accompanying Activity Packs designed to develop early learners understanding of and competency in Mandarin Chinese.

  1. To keep motivation levels high, all our resources are built around the concept of using games children already know and love playing in their native language. 
  2. To ensure progression, our games have been developed as a series; taking children from beginner concepts in games 1-3 to a more developed understanding of written and spoken language in later games. 
  3. Each game has an accompanying Activity Pack with an additional 8-12 hours of photocopiable teaching activities. These meticulously planned and trialled activities are for use before and after game play, enabling children to consolidate and extend learning further.


Specialist and non-specialist primary teachers, for children aged 7-12 years. They’ve also been successfully trialled by Mandarin teachers in the early stages of KS3 . 

For non-specialist teachers, each guide includes an Information for Non-Specialist Teachers section which outlines everything you need to know to be able to teach a series of meaningful and stimulating language lessons.



The games are all suitable for playing at home. Anyone aged 7 + with an interest in learning more about Chinese can play! 

No previous knowledge is required.  Complete beginners should begin with Oracle Bones Memory Match, Líng or any of the Radical Families decks.

Training and consultancy services are available. For more information, please visit Services.

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