Líng Teaching Pack



  • 5 decks of  Líng card game
  • Activity Pack including 15 cross-curricular activities (PDF download)
  • 55 slide powerpoint
  • 60 A4 flashcards (PDF download)


Combining language learning with maths, the 15 progressive activities and support materials ensure children can read, write and pronounce Chinese numerals from 0 to 999!  Along the way, they also learn how useful Chinese numbers are for saying the date, learning the days of the week and the months of the year.

From using nets to make Chinese dice to identifying number patterns in a maze; the variety of activities in the pack also enable children to consolidate some of the key concepts covered in the UK’s primary maths curricula. 

Designed for specialist and non-specialist primary teachers, each lesson includes clear step-by-step teaching notes, support materials and background information for non-specialist teachers.

Activities are YCT compatible. More than 25 characters/components from YCT Level 1 are included.