Kankan Class set of 5 Decks


About the game:  A versatile deck for playing three different games of speed and observation. As children race to find the one matching character between one card and another, they learn to spot the differences between similar looking characters and the meaning of up to 57 character components.

Number of players: 2-6
Card dimensions: 76mm x 76mm
Number of cards: 55
Packaging: package free, cello band only

Teacher’s Guide

The accompanying scheme of work provides teachers with an additional 6 hours of teaching materials and is designed to consolidate and extend learning from the game. 

Before playing Kànkan, use the spot the difference activities to get children used to looking really carefully and discriminating between similar looking shapes and patterns. Activities such as Connect the Components and Beware the Doppelgamers then provide children with plenty of opportunities to discriminate between similar looking components and learn the meaning and pronunciation of 80 of the most commonly used components.

The guide includes clear step-by-step teaching , background information for non-specialist teachers and is YCT compatible  – all of the components appear in YCT Level 1 words.