Oracle Bones Memory Match Teaching Pack



  • 5 decks of Oracle Bones Memory Match card game
  • Activity Pack (PDF download)
  • 40 slide powerpoint
  • 40 A4 flashcards (PDF download)


The Oracle Bones Teaching Pack is the prefect resource for introducing Mandarin into your school. Combining language learning with history, the 10 progressive activities and support materials tell the story of how and why the Shang invented Chinese writing. 

Activities such as Oracle Bones Code Cracking, Fu Hao’s Tomb and Testing Tarisas enable children to learn about life in ancient China as well as: understand the concept of a non-alphabetic language; describe how characters have changed over time and recognise and remember up to 40 commonly used characters still in use today.

Designed for specialist and non-specialist primary teachers, each lesson includes clear step-by-step teaching notes, support materials and background information for non-specialist teachers.

Activities are YCT compatible. More than 35 characters/components from YCT Level 1 are included.